Beauty Salon and Spa Software

EzSalon is a salon and spa appointment tracking and billing software. It has a modern user-interface, and comes fully loaded with features and reports

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Salon and Spa Software

FULL PRICE $999.00

Free Trial Download

Please feel free to download our software and use it free for 60 days. After the 60-day trial period, you will be locked out iof using the software unless you purchase a license. Go ahead and download it now, you have nothing to lose!

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Software Features

EzSalon includes extensive set of features to allow salon and spa businesses to fully manage their appointments, billing, sales, returns, and more.

  • Advanced appointment management and tracking
  • Ability to create/book multiple appointments at once
  • Ability to link appointments at and after creation time
  • Checkout linked appointments as a group
  • Color code service staff to make them distinguishable on the appointment screen
  • Keep track of cancellations, waiting list, no shows, and more
  • Price services at the global level, and at the servicer level
  • Configure commission at the global level, and at the servicer level
  • Unlimited product and service categories
  • Ability to organize products by category
  • Support for Products, Services, and Rental Products
  • Advanced Order capture screen, with features to allow you to apply discounts, promotions, payments, refunds, lookup products and prices, accept multiple payments and forms of payments, discount items and entire orders...
  • Checkout appointments right from the appointment screen, and sell additional items during the checkout process
  • Configure and send emails and SMS messages for marketing, and for reminding customers of payments and/or important event dates
  • Create purchase orders and email them to vendors directly from the purchase order screen
  • Support for multiple Printers, reports, station receipts, etc.
  • Cash Drawer Support.
  • Barcode Scanner Support.
  • Full employee management, including records, payroll, vacations, time-off, schedule, and more.
  • Manage customer records, payment terms, billing, history, and more. Accept returns, payments, and issue refunds to customers with ease.
  • Tens of built-in reports for viewing the current inventory levels, customers balance, product and customer ranking reports, commissions, sales taxes, credits, refunds, payments, returns, received inventory, and more.
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  • In addition to many other features, reports, and utilities.
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More of Your Software

  • Complete Inventory Management and Control.
  • Customer tracking and Billing.
  • Email and SMS Reminders.
  • Advanced Point-of-Sale Capability.
  • Payment Capture and Returns.
  • Multiple Printers Support.
  • Cash Drawer Support.
  • Barcode Scanner Support.
  • In addition to many other features, reports, and utilities.



Contact Information

PO Box 5658, Irvine, CA 92616, United States