Diner, Delivery, and Takeout Restaurant Software

EzRestaurant is used to run a diner, delivery, and/or takeout type restaurants, it has features to quickly process orders, modify orders, settle orders, monitor order in the kitchen, and more. It has a modern user-interface, and comes fully loaded with features and reports

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Restaurant POS

FULL PRICE $999.00

If you've looked at other restaurant programs, and you're not sure if those programs satisfy all of your requirements, we recommend downloading our free restaurant POS software trial to experiment with the features that our software offers, risk-free, and with no obligation. Our trial can be used for 60-days, and it will simply lock you out after the 60-day trial period is over unless your decide to purchase a license.

Our restaurant POS system application includes all the features that a restaurant point-of-sale software is expected to offer, and we are always updating it to add more features, and/or enhancing the existing features. This restaurant software program can be used to track orders, sales, purchases, customers, employees, and more. It also has many built-in reports that can be generated for any period of time.

The Agnitech point of sale for restaurants software is a fully-featured restaurant POS management system. It empowers your server staff to turn more tables, service customers efficiently, lookup item status and pricing. Because of all of that, you'll generate more customer satisfaction, which means more business and more profitability. It is extremely important to keep your customers happy in this any kind of service business, it is what keeps customer loyal to your business. The advanced features that this POS system includes help servers quickly enter orders, be it a delivery order, and takeout order, or a dine-in order. It also includes a kitchen monitor to track the status of orders in the kitchen. A server can settle an order by being able to easily enter multiple forms of payments on an order, enter discounts by order and by item, apply promotional coupons, and much more.

Free Trial Download

Please feel free to download our software and use it free for 60 days. After the 60-day trial period, you will be locked out iof using the software unless you purchase a license. Go ahead and download it now, you have nothing to lose!

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Software Features

EzRestaurant includes extensive set of features to manage your restaurant business. Features to capture all types of orders, including delivery, takeout, diner, and bar orders. It tracks reservations, kitchen orders, supports multiple printers, and more.

Powerful point-of-sale screen that allows users to sell items, services, gift certificates, accept payments, and process returns, all from within the same screen.

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More of Your Software

  • Complete Inventory Management and Control.
  • Customer tracking and Billing.
  • Email and SMS Reminders.
  • Advanced Point-of-Sale Capability.
  • Payment Capture and Returns.
  • Multiple Printers Support.
  • Cash Drawer Support.
  • Barcode Scanner Support.
  • In addition to many other features, reports, and utilities.