The Benefits of Using Inventory Management Software for Your Jewelry Store

In between the refracted sparkle of a magnificent jewel and the reassuring thud of a pure gleaming gold, lies concerns of jewelers: inventory shrinkages and stock outages. Being a jewelry store owner yourself, you are likely to relate to that.
So, how do you ensure at the end of each business day, that your stocked valuables don’t go missing; the supply of ‘right’ inventory, and that too in ‘right amount’ is critically maintained? Do you struggle with the inventory management aspect of your business? Well, there is a solution to your problem – and a simple one. We’re talking about deploying an inventory management software system at your jewelry store. How does the solution helps? Let’s take a look.

It Enables You To Make Informed Decisions

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A jewelry inventory management system features serial number and item tracking functionality, supports barcode scanning and provides comprehensive sales reporting tools. All this helps you to identify in-demand items and the remaining stock of these items. Using the information, you can then order the right order and in right amount—not in excess and neither too low.

Improved Inventory Security

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You remember it quite well that at the start of the business day you had this much stock of each valuable—you even noted it down. After factoring in all the sales, there is an observed discrepancy. Where did the valuables go? What has been left unaccounted? Did your staff miss a sale or a transfer record? Or, has one of your own employees stolen that precious ring? Maybe, you did not do the counting right… Hand on heart, situations like these happen. Sometimes, inventory tracking can be a real hassle and as such it can affect your bottom line. However, using an inventory management software you can conveniently plug the holes and improve inventory tacking, thus improve inventory security.

Improved Customer Interaction – A Jewel Retained!

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Operating in a low volume business makes customer retention all too important. A jewelry POS software helps you to acquire loyal customers by improving customer interaction.

Using the system acquired data, you know the type of items your customers prefer and you make sure those items always remain in stock. Your customers know they will never return empty handed from your jewelry store.

Furthermore, analyzing each customer’s history also allows you to come up with personalized offerings. If you can introduce these offerings to them on their birthday or anniversary – it’s even better. Even a friendly email on such special occasions would make them appreciate your services.

And with most of your inventory management operations executable with few taps and mouse clicks, it allows you and your employees to spend more time facilitating customer. Sounds great, isn’t it? Well, the deployment of the solution isn’t underwhelming in any way either. So, do you want your jewelry store to be regarded as the go-to jewelry store in the whole town? Then why wait. Buy Jewelry Inventory Software today. And if you need any help, feel free to reach out, our team at Agnitech will be happy to serve you.