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What we are...
A software company
We develop, market, and sell

Point-of-sale software packages to support the daily operations of various industries.
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We also provide consulting services
Software consulting and staff augmentation

We provide expertise in software design and implementation. We have more than 20 years of hands-on experience developing desktop and web applications using various technologies, with concentration in .NET, Java, and C++.
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Welcome to AGNITECH

Agnitech has been providing point-of-sale software solutions for over 15 years. We have general software that can be used to manage any type of retail operation, and we also provide software specific to specific industries. When you download the trial, you can use it for 60-days, and it will then lock you out of the software functions unless you purchase it. The data that you enter during the trial period is preserved, and it will be available upon purchasing the program. If after the trial period is over, you decide it is not the right solution for you, simply stop using it and there will be nothing else you will have to do, so go ahead and download it now, what are you waiting for!

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Gas Station

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Salon and Spa

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Jewelry Shop

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Videos and Games

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Wholesale Distributor

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